Hidden ring found after 30 years

Hidden ring found after 30 years-Credits:google

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico– After more than three decades, a missing class ring from 1982 is being reunited with its rightful owner.

Magdalena Cooksey had unknowingly been in possession of the class ring, which belonged to a graduate from El Dorado High School in the 80s.

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However, a few weeks ago, the situation took a turn when the ring’s owner was finally identified.

“It was finally time to consolidate everything that we have, eventually we go through this jewelry box and there is mostly a lot of costume jewelry in there and some old photos,” said Cooksey.

Cooksey also found a class ring from 1982 with the markings “Sally” on the side.

One might say that ‘The ring kept itself hidden for 30 years, It waited for it’s true master’

Cooksey immediately posted about the ring on Facebook hoping to find the person it belonged to.

With some help she was able to track down two Sally’s that graduated that year from El Dorado and then using the initials inside the ring she finally narrowed it down to the one.

Cooksey says Sally seemed a little hesitant at first. “Not often do you get a phone call saying that something you lost 30 or more years ago is just in somebody’s jewelry box or wherever,” said Cooksey.

Despite not knowing how the ring ended up with her family, Cooksey was able to confirm its authenticity when Sally described the ring and its birthstone.

They have made plans to return the ring to Sally on Tuesday night, June 6th.

Interestingly, Cooksey herself had lost her own class ring.

She expressed hope that one day someone will go through the effort of finding and returning her ring to her, just as she is doing for Sally.