Dead whales New Jersey

Dead whale Sighted along New Jersey/Newyork Coast

New Jersey– Two whales were recently examined, and the results of the necropsy indicate that they were likely struck by ships before being discovered.

The first whale, a female humpback measuring 28 feet in length, was initially spotted in the Raritan Bay. It was then transported to Sandy Hook by a United States Army Corps of Engineers vessel.

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The necropsy revealed the presence of bruises, lacerations, and fractures on various parts of its body, including the skull and the left pectoral fin, which was severed.

The cause of death is believed to be blunt force trauma consistent with a ship strike. The whale was subsequently buried on the beach.

In addition to the humpback whale found in Raritan Bay, another whale was discovered off the coast of the Hamptons.

This second whale, a male measuring 47 feet in length, was in a significantly decomposed state. Like the first whale, it also exhibited evidence of blunt force trauma.

The necropsy results indicated that the two incidents were likely unrelated. The second whale was also buried on the beach.

The discoveries of multiple dead whales along the New Jersey and New York coastline since December have raised concerns about the potential impact of offshore wind farm activities on whale sonar.

Some environmental groups and residents have called for a temporary halt to offshore wind operations, but these requests have been denied as scientists continue to assert that no direct connections have been established between offshore wind activities and the whale deaths.

The matter remains under investigation.