Dog Saves Puppy from Cayote

Dog Saves Puppy from Cayote_ Credits: Google

ornia– In California, a distressing incident unfolded when a coyote targeted a puppy in a backyard.

However, the situation took a fortunate turn as the puppy’s sibling came to its rescue, and this heart-wrenching moment was captured on camera.

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A surveillance camera recorded the courageous act of Vinny, a 10-pound Maltese mix, as he fearlessly confronted a coyote to protect his younger brother, Harley.

The owners of the dogs, Erin and David Macaluso, were filled with admiration for Vinny’s bravery, especially considering that he is an 11-year-old rescue dog.

Vinny’s a superhero. He’s always been a scrapper. He’s just not afraid of anything,” David Macaluso

“I knew he was fearless but I didn’t understand how fearless,” said Erin Macaluso.

The incident took place in the backyard of the Macalusos’ residence in Mission Viejo, California.

After a walk, the couple accidentally left the dog door open, and Harley, upon hearing a noise, darted outside.

It was at this moment that two coyotes were spotted near the back gate.

The surveillance footage captured one of the coyotes leaping over the gate, chasing after Harley, and seizing him by the neck.

Fortunately, Vinny, alerted by his brother’s distress, swiftly intervened to protect him.

“He just chased them,” David said. “I think he had a low level growl that, I think it shocked the coyote.”

According to Erin, it appeared that Vinny leaped onto the coyote, causing it to change its direction.

This allowed Harley an opportunity to escape and run in the opposite direction.

However, the incident left Harley injured and he required 20 stitches.

Thankfully, he is now in the process of healing and on the path to recovery.