Shooting at Springdale, Ohio

Shooting at Springdale, Ohio_Courtesy: Google

SPRINGDALE, Ohio– According to Springdale police, an early morning shooting occurred outside the Boulevard Bar on Northland Boulevard, resulting in three individuals being hospitalized.

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Officers were called to the scene around 12:45 a.m. Tuesday after receiving reports of shots being fired. The exact circumstances surrounding the incident, including the motive and identities of those involved, have not been provided at this time.

The police are likely conducting an investigation to gather more information and determine what led to the shooting.

Upon police arrival at the scene outside the Boulevard Bar in Springdale, two individuals were found with gunshot wounds in the parking lot. Another victim with a gunshot wound was discovered in the Montgomery area.

All three individuals were transported to the hospital, but the police have not provided any information regarding their conditions.

Investigators believe that the victims were shot outside the bar in the parking lot, as no shell casings were found inside the establishment.

The exact number of shots fired has not been disclosed by the police, but at least 50 evidence markers were observed outside the bar by the crew at the scene.

Additionally, a witness reported hearing approximately 20 shots. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Investigators have not yet provided any information about potential suspects involved in the shooting outside the Boulevard Bar in Springdale.


As a result of the incident, Northland Boulevard is closed in both directions between Springfield Pike and Olde Gate Drive.

The duration of the road closure has not been determined, and it is advised to check with local authorities for updates on when the roadway will reopen.

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