Texas Child Cancer Survivor

Texas Child Cancer Survivor_Picture Courtesy: Google

Amy was just two-years-old when she was diagnosed with cancer.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas– A young girl named Amy Morkovsky, who became the face of various donor campaigns for the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center, has successfully overcome her battle with cancer.

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Amy was diagnosed with cancer when she was just two years old in January 2021. During a doctor’s appointment for her son, Amy’s mother Brandi received the devastating news that her daughter had leukemia.

Despite the challenging journey, Amy’s recent medical update brought great relief as her doctor confirmed positive progress and good blood counts.

The family’s perseverance and the community’s support played a crucial role in Amy’s victorious fight against cancer.

Brandi expressed that hearing the news of her daughter’s cancer diagnosis was a numbing experience, unlike the overwhelming joy she felt upon learning that Amy was cancer-free.

The family eagerly anticipated this moment, and they couldn’t contain their excitement. Recently, at Methodist Children’s Hospital, the 5-year-old bravely rang a bell, symbolizing the completion of her chemotherapy treatment.

Throughout Amy’s journey, blood transfusions played a significant role in her treatment. Being O-Negative, she could only receive blood from donors with the same blood type.

This reliance on blood donations led the family to develop a strong bond with the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center.

They actively participated in advertising campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of blood donation, using slogans like “You Give, They Live.”

Brandi emphasized that their involvement with the center has forged lifelong connections, as they now consider the staff and volunteers as their extended family.

Through their shared experiences, the Morkovsky family has found a support system and a deep sense of gratitude for the donors who have played a vital role in Amy’s successful battle against cancer.

The victory over cancer for Amy came at a significant cost for the Morkovsky family.

In order to cover the expenses of her treatment, they have made the difficult decision to sell their home near the Rim.

Despite having good insurance, the financial burden of pediatric cancer is substantial, with some families accumulating nearly $1,000,000 in debt.

Ryan, Amy’s father, acknowledged the financial impact of the illness, emphasizing that it affects families regardless of their financial status.

Despite their own challenges, the Morkovskys remain committed to working with the blood and tissue center for years to come.

They recognize that while Amy’s journey is concluding, there are other children whose battles with cancer are just beginning.

The family’s dedication to supporting and raising awareness about pediatric cancer and blood donation demonstrates their compassion and willingness to help others facing similar hardships