Shooting Motor GANG

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RED RIVER, New Mexico– According to New Mexico State Police, a shooting incident occurred during the Red River Motorcycle Rally resulting in the deaths of three individuals and injuries to five others.

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It has been reported that all the victims involved, both those who died and those who were injured, were members of motorcycle gangs.

The shooting is believed to have stemmed from a confrontation between two motorcycle gangs, specifically the Bandidos and the Water Dogs. Further details regarding the incident may still be under investigation by the authorities.

After the shooting incident between the Bandidos and the Water Dogs motorcycle gangs during the Red River Motorcycle Rally, the individuals who were shot were taken to various hospitals for medical treatment.

Some of the injured were transported to Holy Cross Hospital in Taos and UNM Hospital in Albuquerque, both located in New Mexico. Additionally, some individuals required treatment at a hospital in Denver, Colorado.

The exact number of individuals treated at each hospital and their current conditions may not be specified at this time.


State police say the following people have been arrested in relation to the shooting:

  • Jacob Castillo – A member of the Waterdogs. Castillo has been charged with murder.
  • Matthew Jackson – A member of the Bandidos Motorcycle Gang. Jackson has been charged with unlawful carrying of a firearm in a liquor establishment.
  • Christopher Garcia – A member of the Bandidos Motorcycle Gang. Garcia has been charged with possession of cocaine.


The deceased have been identified as the following:

  • Anthony Silva (26 years old from Los Lunas) – Member of the Bandidos Motorcycle Gang
  • Randy Sanchez (46 years old from Albuquerque) – Member of the Water Dogs Motorcycle Gang
  • Damien Breaux (46 years old from Socorro) – Member of the Bandidos Motorcycle Gang


In response to the shooting incident between motorcycle gangs during the Red River Motorcycle Rally, the New Mexico State Police have announced increased enforcement measures for the weekend.

These measures include enhanced security, the deployment of roving patrols, and strict monitoring of bars to prevent overserving individuals. The aim is to maintain public safety and prevent any further incidents.

Additionally, the mayor of Red River has requested local businesses to consider closing if possible. This is likely a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of residents and visitors during the ongoing situation