Attempted Kidnapping of 10 Years Old

Attempted Kidnapping of 10 Years Old- (Credit-NBC)

A Murrieta father is warning fellow parents after a man tried to kidnap his 10-year-old daughter in an attack that was caught on video.(Courtesy/Credit-NBC)

MURRIETA, California– A father in Murrieta, California, is issuing a warning to other parents following an attempted kidnapping of his daughter, which was captured on camera.

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Michael Angodung and his daughter, Kassidy, were playing volleyball in their driveway when he briefly went inside to fetch some water. In that short time, an unidentified man approached Kassidy and asked to see her shirt.

The audio of this interaction was recorded by a neighbor’s surveillance camera.

“Hey, what is that shirt? Let me see that shirt,” the man told her.

The disturbing video footage reveals the man chasing after Kassidy as she flees up the driveway in a state of panic. Fortunately, she manages to reach the safety of her home, where she alerts her family that the man was attempting to kidnap her.

The man then swiftly retreats down the street and disappears from sight. The incident highlights the terrifying nature of the encounter and the importance of staying vigilant to protect children from potential dangers.

“As a father, as a parent, this is literally your worst nightmare,” Angodung said.

After the harrowing incident, Michael Angodung contacted the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department to report the attempted kidnapping. However, by the time the authorities arrived, the suspect had already fled the area.

Michael Angodung expressed gratitude that his daughter, Kassidy, remained physically unharmed during the incident. However, he acknowledged the traumatic impact it has had on her.

Kassidy now experiences difficulty sleeping and has developed a fear of walking or biking to school. Despite the challenges, Angodung commended his daughter for her brave response in the face of danger.

In an effort to prevent similar incidents and raise awareness about stranger danger, Angodung is urging other parents to have conversations with their children about staying safe and knowing how to handle such situations.

By encouraging open discussions and providing guidance, he hopes to empower children and enhance their safety in the community.

“I’m mad. I’m furious, I don’t want any parent to go through this sort of trauma or any kid to undergo this trauma again, and I just want to make sure this guy is caught,” Angodung said.