Jeff Bridges Batlle against CANCER

Jeff Bridges Gives UPDATE on his battle against COVID and CANCER-(Image Credit-Google)

Jeff Bridges has shared positive news about his health, stating that his tumor has decreased in size to that of a marble.

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The 73-year-old actor, who has been battling cancer and also contracted COVID, mentioned that he is mostly recovered and has resumed work. While his cancer is showing improvement, his recuperation from COVID took a bit longer.

In an interview with AARP, the Academy Award winner revealed that he is preparing to resume filming for the TV series “The Old Man,” which had been temporarily halted due to his lymphoma diagnosis and subsequent chemotherapy.

Jeff Bridges initially disclosed his cancer diagnosis in October 2020 and explained that it took some time to determine the appropriate chemotherapy treatment for him. He shared this information during an interview with AARP.

In September 2021, Bridges provided an update on his website, which he had written in March 2021 but decided to delay sharing.

The reason behind the delay was that although his cancer was in remission, he was simultaneously battling COVID-19 and wanted to share the news only when he had a better handle on the virus.

While Jeff Bridges’ wife spent five days in the hospital dealing with COVID-19, he faced a more extended period of five weeks in his own battle against the virus.

During his conversation with AARP, Bridges revealed that the treatment center where he was undergoing chemotherapy informed him of his COVID-19 diagnosis in January 2021.

Due to his compromised immune system caused by the effects of chemotherapy, he found it extremely challenging to fight off the virus. He remarked that, for him, COVID-19 was a more formidable adversary compared to cancer.

“A lot of getting better was a matter of setting really small goals,” he said. “At first they’d say, ‘How long can you stand?’ For a while, my record was 45 seconds before I’d collapse. And then they were saying: ‘Oh, look, you’re standing for a minute! That’s so cool, now can you walk 5 feet?’ ”

He said his doctor told him he had to fight, but he had come to terms with his mortality.

“I couldn’t understand how you’d fight it. So I fought by surrendering, which is not the same as giving up,” he said. “What I really felt at the time was love. Love was certainly magnified for me during this time. Not only from the people around me, but also the love in my own heart for them. So what I did was more like giving in to love, you know?”

In a recent Instagram post, Jeff Bridges shared that despite overcoming COVID-19 on two separate occasions, he still feels uneasy in large gatherings where there is a higher risk of virus transmission.

He mentioned that he prefers to keep his group size small whenever possible to mitigate the potential exposure to the virus.