Puppies rescue

The Animal Foundation takes in 4 day old puppies found with burned paws (Photo Credits: The Animal Foundation)

The Animal Foundation is currently providing care for a group of tiny puppies that require medical attention.

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In a social media video shared on Monday, the shelter informed that eight puppies were brought in on Sunday night. These young pups were discovered without their mother, in close proximity to the shelter.


Each of these puppies weighs less than a pound and is only four days old. The cause of their injuries, which resulted in burns, remains unknown at this time.

Upon their arrival, the veterinary team at The Animal Foundation promptly attended to the puppies’ paws by applying medicated ointment. Subsequently, they were placed in a designated kitten nursery for their care.

The shelter’s staff has mentioned that while the nursery is already attending to 36 cats and kittens, the puppies require constant care and special accommodations. Therefore, arrangements will be made to ensure their specific needs are met.

The puppies will remain under the shelter’s care until they reach an appropriate age to be eligible for adoption in the future.