LAKE COUNTY,Indiana– Tragic incident in Lakes of the Four Seasons as a man has lost his life and two of his children have been hospitalized following an explosion involving a hand grenade at their home.

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The Lake County Sheriff’s Department received a report of the explosion and responded to the residence on West Lakeshore Drive before 6:30 p.m.

Upon arriving at the scene, deputies discovered an adult male who was unresponsive and unfortunately pronounced dead. The man’s two children, aged 17 and 18, sustained shrapnel wounds and were transported to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Department conducted an investigation and revealed that the family had been sorting through their grandfather’s possessions when they came across a hand grenade.

Tragically, someone within the household reportedly pulled the pin on the grenade, resulting in its detonation.

The authorities called in the Porter County Bomb Squad to secure the area and assess the situation for any potential additional explosive devices that may pose a threat.

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In addition, a crime scene investigation unit and homicide detectives from the Lake County Sheriff’s Department are actively investigating the incident.

Their involvement aims to gather evidence, analyze the scene, and uncover any relevant information related to the case.