CARROLL, Iowa– A recently released video from Carroll, Iowa, captures a dramatic incident where a wanted man attempted to flee from the police during a traffic stop in 2021.

The video shows an officer holding onto the roof of the car as the suspect accelerates away from the scene.

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During a routine traffic stop on March 5, 2021, Officer Patrick McCarty informed Dennis Guider Jr. that there was an active warrant for his arrest from Illinois.

As Guider attempted to flee the scene, Officer McCarty positioned himself in front of the vehicle to prevent his escape.

“Stop the car, man. Stop the car,” McCarty yelled at Guider, kneeling on the hood of the car with his gun drawn.

As other police vehicles joined the pursuit, Officer McCarty held on to the roof of Guider’s car.

The chase lasted approximately one minute before Guider veered into a gravel lot and drove through a ditch, causing Officer McCarty to lose his grip. He fell to the ground and suffered a broken back as a result.

Guider pleaded guilty to the charges in March 2023, two years after the incident took place.

During sentencing, Guider’s attorney asked the judge for leniency, arguing McCarty was never trained to step in front of a moving car.

Guider was sentenced on May 11 to up to five years in prison, which will be served separately from his sentence in Illinois.