ORLANDO, Florida– Yasmin Flasterstein expressed feeling shaken after a Publix store in Florida refused to write “trans” on a cake.

Flasterstein and her friend placed an order for their Publix cake and asked for the phrase, “Trans people deserve joy.”

Instead, she says they got a cake that said, “People deserve joy.”

She said a manager at Publix apologized and told her that they could not write the entire message on the cake because “that is taking a stance on something.”

“My follow-up question was, ‘You understand that’s really hurtful, right?’ And she said, ‘yes,’” Flasterstein said.

Eventually, she said that she was handed frosting and told she could finish the design herself.

Days later, she decided to post to Facebook about her disappointment.

“This is shameful. It was a slap in the face,” Flasterstein said.

The post has more than 100 reactions and comments including a message from Publix’s verified page.

“We are very sorry that our associates did not handle your request appropriately. Please message us for more details and we will gladly make the cake,” Publix said in the message.

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Flasterstein said Publix also apologized in emails.

She said the general manager of the Publix she ordered the cake from also eventually apologized.