The Pinellas Park Police Department reported on their Facebook page that a gator was caught near a Publix store and relocated with the help of Florida Fish and Wildlife.

No one was injured and the gator was safely released. Similarly, another gator was found in an inappropriate location on May 5 in Oviedo, Florida.

In a post on the city’s Facebook page, a video shows the 5-foot gator hanging out in the pipes before it was evicted.

A stormwater crew was out Friday at Lockwood Boulevard, near Riverside, to investigate a series of potholes that appeared in the roadway. The crew used a four-wheel robotic camera to go into the pipes and check them out.

“They usually bring the robot out to inspect when there are potential roadway defects to see if any pipes have leaks, cracks, defects, etc.. underground,” city leaders explain in the post.

During an inspection, the robot came across the alligator – which workers first thought was a toad. As the camera got closer to the two little glowing eyes, the gator turned around which showed off its long tail.

After trying to stand its ground, the scaly reptiles eventually gave up and started to walk away with the robot hot on its tail.

After getting about 340 feet into the pipe, the robot got stuck on a little indentation. The gator, who didn’t stop for his new friend’s bump in the road, continued to meander off out of sight.

“Just another reason not to go wandering down into the Stormwater pipes!” city leaders wrote on Facebook. “Thank goodness our crews have a robot.”