On Monday, a Nashville school faced a mass violence threat from a man who was later charged.

Omarian J. Pickett, a 19-year-old, was angry with students at the Highroad School of Nashville and stated that he would have his cousin come and shoot up the school.

According to teachers, Pickett left the building and ran into the middle of the street, threatening to kill himself. Eventually, the staff talked him into coming back to the school.

When officers arrived, they spoke with Pickett who denied making any threats, but a teacher was present when he made the threat towards the school.

Initially, the police received a call about a person who was contemplating suicide at a school. Upon arrival, mobile crisis intervened, and they also spoke with Omarian J. Pickett.

The crisis team concluded that Pickett did not pose an immediate danger to himself or others.

However, Pickett was arrested and taken into custody for making threats of mass violence against a school and filing a false report. The arrest was made without any complications.

In January 2023, Pickett faced the same charges, and in October 2022, he was also charged with filing a false report.

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The High Road School of Nashville specializes in providing a personalized experience for children with emotional disabilities and other learning disabilities, to help them achieve a better quality of life.