DAVENPORT, FLORIDA– According to the Devenport police, a random attacker stabbed a woman nine times while she was on the job at a RaceTrac store in Davenport. The incident occurred at around 4:40 a.m. and the Davenport Police Department responded to the scene of the stabbing at 38425 Highway 27.

As per the investigation, the alleged assailant, Marc Caseaf Tucker, encountered the female clerk when he entered the RaceTrac store in Davenport to use the restroom and browse some items.

The clerk offered assistance to Tucker, which he declined. When the clerk went to restock some food, Tucker approached her from behind and stabbed her multiple times, according to officers.


The clerk attempted to flee but slipped and fell on the floor.

After stabbing the victim multiple times, Marc Caseaf Tucker continued to stab her in the chest until she fought him off and managed to escape, as stated in the arrest report.

Although other clerks at the RaceTrac store did not witness the attack, they heard the victim’s screams and saw Tucker fleeing into the nearby woods. They then tended to the victim’s wounds until emergency responders arrived.

Tucker was subsequently arrested without incident by officers after leaving the woods. He has been charged with attempted first-degree murder.

The victim received medical treatment for her injuries after being taken to a hospital. Chief Steve Parker expressed hope for her quick recovery and vowed to ensure Tucker is held accountable for his actions, which he described as an unprovoked, random attack.

According to the police, Tucker, who is homeless, hails from Winter Haven and had previously served less than a year in prison for battering a law enforcement officer before being released in 2023.