Officials reported on Saturday night that a shooting at an outlet mall near Dallas resulted in the death of eight people and the injury of seven others, who were subsequently taken to trauma facilities for treatment. The authorities believe that the gunman, who died at the scene, acted alone.

According to Allen Fire Chief Jonathan Boyd, hospitals received at least nine individuals. Boyd stated, “Of the people we transported, two have died, three are currently undergoing critical surgery, and four are in stable condition.”

A Dallas-area medical group says it was treating victims as young as 5 years old.

Afternoon shooting at Allen Premium Outlets in Texas prompted authorities to respond, causing shoppers and workers to hide. Although there was a search for a potential second gunman, a source reported, the police now believe that the shooter acted alone.

The authorities stated that an Allen officer killed the shooter.

According to resident Tony Wright, whose house is located behind the Allen Premium Outlets, his family initially thought they were hearing construction sounds until they realized it was gunshots.

Wright stated that he was leaving his home at the time and did not hear the gunshots himself. However, moments later, his family called him in a state of panic, reporting that they had heard gunfire.

Initially, the sound was not identified as gunshots. “Everyone thought it was hammering,” Wright said, as the sound of gunfire resembled that of construction noise.

But when people began running out of the outlet mall, Wright’s family quickly locked their doors and took shelter.