HARTFORD,Connecticut– Organizers of the Midsouth Pride festival in Memphis, Tennessee have made some significant preparations ahead of the upcoming event, including booking over 50 drag entertainers for the show.

However, the organizers remain cautious as the state’s new law placing strict limits on cabaret shows could still come into effect before the festival begins next month.

The law, which is the first of its kind in the United States, seeks to essentially ban drag performances from public property or in the presence of minors. Should the law be enforced, organizers are making adjustments to the performances to ensure that they comply with the new regulations.

Despite the current temporary hold on the law, organizers are keeping a close eye on developments to ensure the festival runs smoothly and without any legal issues.

Vanessa Rodley, a longtime organizer of the festival, stated that she took immediate action when the new law was introduced to ensure that the festival can continue without segregating a significant portion of the community. “At the end of the day, we cannot hold an event that excludes a large segment of our community. Therefore, we need to develop strategies to counteract this,” she said. In other words, the festival must go on, and the organizers are determined to find ways to make it happen.