Christopher Payne. (Columbus Police)

Last month, a Franklin County jury found Christopher Payne, 27, guilty of a drive-by shooting that resulted in the injury of Ma’Tiya Bruster-Lewis, who was 15 years old at the time and 35 weeks pregnant.

As a result of the shooting, Bruster-Lewis required an emergency cesarean section, but unfortunately, her unborn child did not survive. Payne was sentenced by a judge to a minimum of 40 years in prison for his actions.

After the shooting, emergency medical services rushed Bruster-Lewis to a hospital, where she eventually recovered from her injuries.

Prosecutors stated that the driver of the car testified that Christopher Payne shot Ma’Tiya Bruster-Lewis from the backseat.

The court sentenced Payne to a minimum of 40 years in prison, which means he cannot be eligible for parole until 2060.