LONDON,Westminster Abbey– During the coronation ceremony, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, delivered a sermon emphasizing the importance of service in leadership. He reminded the audience that the purpose of the coronation was to crown a king to serve the people.

Welby drew on Christian teachings to support his message, noting that Jesus Christ announced a kingdom in which the poor and oppressed are free from the chains of injustice. He argued that this kingdom sets the aims of all righteous government and authority, and that good authority requires those in power to serve others.

According to Welby, Jesus Christ, the king of kings, was anointed not to be served, but to serve. He creates the unchangeable law of good authority, which requires that those with power also have a duty to serve. Welby described service as love in action, noting that caring for the most vulnerable and encouraging young people to connect with nature are both examples of love in action.

In summary, Welby’s sermon emphasized the importance of service and love in leadership, using Christian teachings to argue that good authority requires those with power to serve others.