Oxon Hill, Maryland–Police reported that a student narrowly escaped death after three assailants attempted to shoot him, but the gun failed to discharge.

The incident occurred on Monday in Oxon Hill, Maryland, when the attackers boarded the school bus during a routine drop-off of a student. The student was physically assaulted during the incident.

Authorities says, the three suspects assaulted the student and made several attempts to fire a handgun at him. The police department later discovered ammunition on the bus during their investigation. The student sustained minor injuries during the attack, as reported by the police.

The police reported that both the bus driver and bus aide, who were present on or near the bus during the assault, were unharmed. The suspects managed to flee the scene, prompting the police to offer a monetary reward for any information leading to their arrest. The suspects were seen wearing hoodies and had their faces concealed, as shown in photos released by the police.