Jennifer Lawrence’s Long-Awaited Comedy Dream Comes True with “No Hard Feelings”

After years of longing to star in a big comedy, Jennifer Lawrence’s wish is finally granted with the upcoming film “No Hard Feelings,” set to hit theaters on June 23. Known for her humor and vibrant presence in television appearances, Lawrence has always desired a broad, hilarious experience akin to beloved comedies like “Dumb and Dumber” and “Anchorman.” While she has showcased her comedic skills in previous roles, this R-rated comedy was specifically tailored for her.

The inspiration for “No Hard Feelings” came from a real Craigslist ad placed by parents seeking a woman to help their son come out of his shell before heading off to college. Although there is some debate about the authenticity of the ad, the premise itself intrigued producers and caught the attention of writer-director Gene Stupnitsky, renowned for his work on “The Office” and the successful 2019 film “Good Boys.” Stupnitsky shared the idea with Lawrence during a lively dinner with friends, fueled by a collective consumption of “eight or nine martinis.”