WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA  -As mass shootings continue to grab national attention, Western Mass News has been actively seeking answers. The alarming trend persists, with two more incidents occurring on Wednesday alone. Although these tragic events have unfolded in various states, local law enforcement remains concerned about the possibility of similar incidents transpiring in their own communities.

Sgt. Joe LaFrance of the West Springfield Police expressed his apprehension, saying, “You start to wonder when is it coming here?”

The gravity of the situation becomes clearer when considering the figure 258. This represents the staggering number of lives lost in mass shootings across the United States during the year 2023 alone. Shockingly, nearly 200 mass shootings have already taken place since January 1st, and we haven’t even reached the halfway mark of the year. To be classified as a mass shooting, each of these incidents has resulted in at least four individuals being injured.

Just on Wednesday, two separate mass shootings occurred in different parts of the country. In Chicago, four people were injured, while in Atlanta, one person tragically lost their life and four others were wounded. These numbers do not even account for the countless individuals who have fallen victim to gun violence outside the context of mass shootings.