In an incident that has left Serbia in shock, a 13-year-old student at a school in Belgrade carried out a meticulously planned attack, resulting in the tragic deaths of eight fellow students and a security guard. The young shooter had created sketches of classrooms and compiled a list of individuals he intended to target. While mass shootings are highly uncommon in the Balkan region, Serbia has a significant number of firearms remaining from the conflicts of the 1990s. Notably, no similar incidents have been reported in Serbian schools in recent years.

The assailant began by killing a school guard and three students in a hallway before entering a nearby history classroom and opening fire once more. After the attack concluded, the shooter personally called the police, although a call reporting the shooting had already been made two minutes prior. Witnesses recount how the assailant entered a classroom, firing at both the teacher and the students as they sought cover under their desks. Fortunately, most of the students were able to escape through a rear exit.