In San Antonio, Texas, police have arrested a woman named Maryann Demetro for allegedly attempting to conceal her husband’s body following his fatal shooting. She has been charged with altering, concealing, and destroying a human corpse in relation to the death of her husband, Nick Hallam.

The incident took place at an apartment complex, and according to the arrest affidavit, Demetro and Hallam were attending a gathering at the residence of Jose Carlos Alvarez, aged 50. While all three individuals were consuming alcohol, Alvarez reportedly shot and killed Hallam unexpectedly.

Initially, Demetro informed the police that she had been forcibly held against her will, but later managed to escape and seek assistance.

After locating the apartment, the police engaged in a brief standoff before apprehending Alvarez. Inside the apartment, they discovered Hallam’s lifeless body, and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

During the course of the investigation, Alvarez informed the authorities that Demetro had not been held against her will. Instead, he claimed that she actively participated in his efforts to dispose of Hallam’s body and clean up the apartment following the fatal shooting.

Demetro denied these allegations, but detectives uncovered crucial evidence that shifted the focus back to her. Surveillance footage captured by a neighboring doorbell camera displayed Demetro and Alvarez attempting to transport Hallam’s body outside the apartment. However, they struggled due to its weight. The footage also depicted Demetro attempting to clean up bloodstains outside the apartment. Additionally, investigators discovered that contrary to Demetro’s claims of escape, Alvarez had given her a ride back to her apartment.